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Introductory workshop for Safe Supply Company

On 16 May 2022, a workshop was organized to introduce the services of the Safe Supply Companyt, at the regional office of the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture in Al-Baha, under the supervision of Eng. Fahd Al-Muftah, in the presence of several farmers. The workshop seeks to promote and, enhance agricultural marketing in the region.

His Excellency Eng. Fahad Zahrani’s stated, “The Kingdom has experienced a concrete development ,and rapid growth in e-commerce over the past few years, which supported by the government’s strategy for expansion in the digital payments sector and digital transformation.” He added that, the Corona pandemic has also accelerated the growth and transformation rates of e-commerce and, increased consumer interaction and ,acceptance of electronic payment systems. Thus, the necessity of marketing became apparent, one of the most significant issues farmers confront after harvest, in addition to the urgent need for innovative marketing techniques.

His Excellency Mr. Fahad Al-Zahrani lauded the interest and leadership of His Royal Highness Prince Dr. Hussam bin Saud, may God protect him, the Emir of the Al-Baha and the region’s, foremost supporter of development. He also mentioned the prince’s contributions to agricultural development and his direct follow-up on the agricultural marketing agenda and how to reach other markets, outside the region, especially given that the area is the most plentiful in food items in the Kingdom since ancient times and has a diverse range ,of products due to its geographical variety.

We are here today to share our experiences and information to increase knowledge, in this field and its effectiveness in the agricultural sector, as well as, what services farmers can benefit from through digital platforms to develop agricultural crops, in a way that ensures an increase in income and an improvement in farmers’ quality of life.”

Dr. Saleh Abbas presented the farmers’ speech on their behalf, thanking and appreciating His Royal Highness Prince Dr. Hossam bin Saud, may God protect him, Governor of the Al Baha area, for his support for farmers. He also complimented the Ministry’s branch for its tremendous efforts and unwavering attempts to assist farmers A to Z.

Dr. Saleh Abbas emphasized the significance of e-marketing and the necessity ,for farmers to establish supply and transit lines for agricultural products in the Al-Baha to customers, which promotes the marketing process and increases the demand for agricultural products. His Excellency also elucidated several obstacles facing the traditional marketing process, expressing a desire for a digital platform. that would successfully contribute to selling items and delivering them to customers at affordable costs.

His Excellency, the CEO of Safe Supply Company, which is the executing company of Selal marketing platform for agricultural products, appreciated that the platform is currently developing a general perception of all challenges, and aspirations ,and strives to turn all of this into services that will provide to farmers, as Safe Supply Company is working on setting a large budget, to implement the marketing platform with the highest quality standards.

The platform attempts to locate many consumers or customers, whether substantial food companies, factories, stores, or individuals, so the products may be effectively marketed before they are harvested.