Safe Supply Company

Safe Supply Company is an entity of competence and experience centered on the digital transformation, of agricultural marketing services, and safe logistical transportation in accordance with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision.
Our compliance with the needs of our customers compels us to provide a set of innovative solutions, and the best access strategies by delivering creative, and tactical solutions in the field of agricultural marketing, as well as logistical solutions that adhere to high professional standards and go in line with the nature of agricultural production.
In addition, Safe Supply Company offers unique solutions for the storage and refrigeration of agricultural goods, to preserve the integrity of supply chains.
In response to the requirement of our customers to offer strategic solutions in automated agricultural auctions, we have begun to take vivid, practical actions by offering comprehensive solutions, integrating and using them in accordance with the demands of our clients.

Selal platform

Selal is an innovative Saudi digital platform, specialized in marketing agricultural products, and safe logistical transportation with the finest solutions to accomplish sustainable growth, and the safety of supply chains.
It aims to empower farmers and link them directly with business owners interested in agricultural products.
Because of their dedication and expertise, the Selal team can now provide their services, to businesses in the retail and catering industries interested in agricultural products, customized advantages to franchises. that, adhere to their strict standards of quality, adequacy, and timeliness.

Success Partners